Mr Spock’s Cat

Black And White Photography, Didier, Photography

MR Spock 's Cat

16 thoughts on “Mr Spock’s Cat

    1. Thanks ! Cats are awesome ! 😼😻😸
      (I didn’t want to write that, but I was forced by my cat to write it..)


    1. Hum, he is as me, don’t like very much sport…But when I have heavy workload, fighting to end before the dead line of an editing or color grading, he is a very good a assistant, jumping of the desk and laying on it, near me, until I finish !

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  1. LOL this is a great image Didier I’m just surprised he/she stayed with his ears that way while you grabbed the shot πŸ™‚ Wonderful work.


    1. It was a hard job ! Normally, when he sees the camera, he turns his head ! But I was patient, very patient, ver y very patient, very very very patient and after some tricks I managed to get the photography ! 😸😸

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