After The Race

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After The Race

After The Race

Early morning at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

19 thoughts on “After The Race

  1. So glad you stopped, Emilio. Security be damned (though glad we didn’t have a shot of you behind bars!). Great shot (love the cloud-filled sky) of an imposing structure, all the moreso with the empty parking lot.


    1. Thanks, Stacy. Life getting back to normal for you? Oh, and the cloud filled sky was not added. Real clouds. Including the last few days. I’ve just been shooting skies in case I need clouds in my photos one day.


      1. Kind of, Emilio. I can’t seem to “find my groove,” for lack of a better description, and can’t figure out why. Normally I’m a pretty organized and scheduled person, but that seems to have gone done the drain lately. Ah, well, I’m sure this too shall pass πŸ˜‰


    1. Thanks, Robyn. I’m not sure what makes this perspective different but I wanted to get as much of the clouds in the shot as I could. And the artwork on the towers. And the empty lot! πŸ™‚


  2. Awesome shot Emilio πŸ™‚ The clarity is so great I could even see the distant mountains. I love the feeling of emptiness after the crowd filed out I could just about smell the burning rubber and gasoline fumes. Superb work.


    1. Thanks, Joe. I was actually heading out to Nellis Air Force Base to see if I could catch any jets taking off but was detoured past the race track so decided to stop in. Security was eyeing me but never stopped me.

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