12 thoughts on “Sign of the Times

  1. YEs, yes, yes!!
    Oh How I love this, Stacy, and am so glad you had the patience to wait out all of the signs. Have you posted this on FB?
    If / when you do, let me know. I’d love to share it


      1. Yes. I played hooky today to get out with my camera. But the skies are super clear today after a week of unbelievable clouds. Oh, well!


          1. I’ve been looking at a lot of other people’s work online and I never seem to get in close. My view is always more expansive, as if looking out over a scene, never really involved. So that’s my self-imposed homework for today.


  2. This is an awesome shot Stacy but it is really sad that this truly is a sign of the times. Wonderful work, I love when a photograph says it all.


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