My Nikon F

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It is a big big step for me ! And my dream is coming true…I have a black room (darkroom) in my house !   It is not a very good material but it is enough to make my heart beat stronger. My Camera is a Nikon F of 1959.  I am very very happy and proud to show you my first picture !

24 thoughts on “My Nikon F

  1. As one who had never been in a lightroom, or tried to develop her own work, I am so impressed. And inspired!
    Your joy and enthusiasm come through, and I’m very happy that you are achieving your dream.
    The image is wonderful, too

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  2. Fantastic photo from your own meticulous work. There’s nothing like working in the darkroom and on your negatives to give you a feeling of satisfaction after you complete the whole process. I teach for Tiger fee in high school and we use a dark room as well. It takes a lot longer but the results are more satisfying. Have a great day.

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  3. And a beautiful first image it is Ingrid 😊 Years ago I owned a Nikon F and I loved it. It did not have the Photomic finder with the meter built in. I had to use a hand held Gossen Luna Pro light meter for proper exposure. It never gave me a single problem and it’s probably still clicking away to this day . Wonderful work and best of luck with your new darkroom.

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    1. Merci beaucoup Joe ! 😚you know more about Nikon F as me ! My exposure is really a problem…Inside the house is Ok but outside it is always “high key”….i really really have to learn ! But it doesnt matter because i have so much fun to learn it! 😀 (thanks again Joe to make my english better in my posts ! 😇😇😇)

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      1. The prism is removable on the Nikon F so you can change focusing screens. It also contains the meter if you have a Photomic. Sometimes the meter needs recalibrating but this can be expensive so the best solution is to use a handheld meter if you have one.


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