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57 Chevy June 24, 2016 Fuji X-T1 jpg 18mm f/4 at 1/3500 sec ISO 200

57 Chevy
June 24, 2016
Fuji X-T1 jpg
18mm f/4 at 1/3500 sec ISO 200

You know how I like to give credit to my wife whenever she tells me to wait for sunset or for the lighting to change or when she points out a picture she wants me to take? Well, she had nothing to do with this one. I was coming out of the gym after my morning workout and there was this 57 Chevy up against the far wall of the parking lot. All by itself. There was a small note on the windshield that said “Look and enjoy but please do not touch. So I didn’t. I just took about 10 photos from different angles but this one was my favorite. When you’re done, please go look at the color version at Photos By Emilio. It still needs a bit of work but I’m pretty proud of the processing! Let me know what you think.

13 thoughts on “57

  1. I love them both, Emilio!
    Aside from the excellent image from a photography perspective, I have two other thoughts:
    1. I love that he put a note on the car
    2. How the heck does he go over speed bumps ?


  2. I really love both the B&W and the color image Emilio 🙂 As I mentioned to Stacy on one of her posts I only believe in adding color when it adds or enhances the image or does not detract or steal the show from your point of interest. In this case I would have to favor the color image slightly more than the B&W.


    1. Thanks, Joe. I love the “feeling”, the texture of the truck in both. But the color would be distracting on any other image, I agree.

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  3. It’s a fab shot at a great angle. The processing really shows of the gorgeous sleek finish of the truck. However for me the sky is starting to look a bit weird, making extreme light to dark around the trees. To get around this (assuming you want to) take it into PS and using both this edit and the original version, bring back some of the original sky using layers.
    I don’t usually give opinions but in this case you did ask. ☺
    Best regards. Dave.


    1. Thanks, Dave. This is the issue I have with the processing and my skills are not quite up to fixing it (at the moment). I’ve never worked with photoshop but do have an online course that has been sitting on my laptop for a little over a year. Guess it’s time to jump in.


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