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Nashville Skyline

What to say?  I have always loved my records which were bought back in the day after much scrimping and saving for the absolute favourites, to have and to hold in my hands with love forever, never ever to part.

Solace in moments of delicious loneliness they wear their needle scratches much as I wear now the lines on my face but hear the songs, the tracks of your youth, and the years peel away.  Forever young.

Unbelievably (why do I say this?) Bob Dylan and Van Morrison among others will be playing concerts during the summer out at Forest Hills in Queens.  Do I want to be there?  You bet!   But I’m on the move in and out of NYC over the summer and I can’t commit to tickets, on the assumption that they’re not sold out already.

So Happy Birthday Bob, what’s 75 years when we were all so much older then but younger than that now?



25 thoughts on “My Bob

  1. Patti, this is a wonderful birthday post to Bob, and I enjoyed reading about your record collection, or more aptly put, the love of music and collecting records.
    I, too, have a bunch of my vinyl albums, I’m sure there are in terrible shape after many, many moves. You are so right, though, it was such a big deal to get a new one!


  2. A lovely peek into your life Patti! 🙂 Vinyl records are so special, I grew up listening to my parents’ ones. I think Queen must have gotten the most scratches. 🙂


  3. I love vinyl 🙂 I have a modest collection … and playing records whilst creating art, is still one of most favourite things do.


  4. Wow, thats an impressive bob-collection, little jealous and i see Veedon Fleece on vinyl, very nice, well, if you dont make it to the concerts you can rely on these with ease 😉 Enjoy, Ron


    1. Wish I could say they are all Bob albums although I do have more than a few in there along with other usual suspects!
      So excited you noticed the Veedon Fleece album, a goosebump treat from start to finish. Wishing you a happy summer of more great adventures, thank you Ron!


  5. Wonderful image and commentary Patti 🙂 Lets not forget the Decca record cleaning brush ritual to clean the dust off these gems before playing them. Great work.


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