10 thoughts on “De(vices)

    1. Thanks, Emilio! But how come no one picked up on that woman carrying what appears to be a Starbucks (or perhaps other brand) coffee?? We’ve got smoking, coffee-drinking, and electronics use all going on here – should have titled it “3 Vices” instead 😉

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  1. Stacy, welcome back!
    You have captured our connection (Obsession?) to our devices perfectly.
    Two the guys are killing time with theirs while catching a smoke break, and the other is walking and working!

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    1. I’ve missed being here! I loved not only the phones, but the smoking, and the coffee-drinking lady in the back – hence, the title De(vices) 😀 Perhaps I should have simply labelled it “Vices” and asked how many everyone could identify 😉 Thanks, Laurie!


  2. This is a wonderful image Stacy and I can’t believe you captured 3 people with their personal electronics (I should have worded that different, dirty minds you know, LOL) 🙂 A great welcome back photo beautiful work. Hope everything has calmed down with the home sale and move.

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    1. Thanks, Joe! I was hoping everyone would get the reference to vices and pick up on the smoking, the electronics obsession, AND the woman in the back with her coffee 😀 It’s great to be back! A little bit a lull (and much needed respite) before things pick up again next week. 😜


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