Screwed and Owned…

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Owned because I can’t make Photoshop work well in a Windows 10 virtual machine running under Linux… Ok sorry for the technical vocabulary. I am running Linux Ubuntu on my desktop and I can’t find any good photograhy software. So I feel owned by Adobe and Microsoft 😥

I wish I could get more from that picture. I can see aliasing…

I am looking to buy this coming fall a Sony Z5 cellphone (benchmark) which actually gives a nice 23Mpx. If I can make somthing good with it, I’ll be able to shoot AND to process every picture on this cellphone.

We’ll see.

13 thoughts on “Screwed and Owned…

  1. I have no idea what you’re complaining about, Mario, as this shot is amazing. Amazing and gorgeous! Great work!


  2. Mario, I realize that I am the novice in this group of photographers (from a gear / processing perspective), but I really like this image!


    1. I am actually wondering if this wasn’t about the display drivers in Virtualbox… Because from my actual perspective, on a Windows desktop, it doesn’t look that bad. 🙂


  3. Personally I love this shot and the aliasing is minor Mario 🙂 I do understand your frustration with the major companies. I know you don’t care for Macs but you can build what they call a Hackintosh (your computer is probably compatible now as long as you are running an Intel processor). You can then load the latest version of OS X which has dual boot capabilities so you don’t have to run Windows in Virtual machine mode and you can choose whether you want to run OS X or Windows at boot up time. Google HackIntosh and you might find a solution. OS X is very similar to Linux except its not open source.

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    1. Thank you Joseph! But between Mac and Windows, I would choose Windows. ; ) I like to give a try to Linux every 1½ year to see if what News are saying is true. I’ve heard lately about GIMP and Darktable getting improvments but it feels like it still as bad as the last time I’ve tried them. And the problem over all… It’s me in fact. I need a lot of changes in my life and when I have spent a year with the same Windows desktop… I am looking for change. Something new. Now I feel like this man who cheated and get back home with regrets… 🙂 lol I got to sneak back in the house by the Window… lol

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  4. Nice work. I sure hope you don’t decide to give up on Lightroom and Photoshop. I understand your frustration with Microsoft and Adobe. Have you tried Corel? Their apps may work better on Linux. Before I was forced to switch to Adobe I used Corel’s products.


    1. Thanks a lot Sherry. Yes I tried Corel and I don’t like it either. I believe that there is one and only one software that work well and it’s Adobe. Do you like Corel?


      1. I used to love the Corel suite when I used it heavily years ago. Corel Photo-Paint is easier to master than Photoshop and does the same stuff. I still use use Corel Painter and love it. I was a painter, so that is why I like it.

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