Pondering My Good Fortune

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Photography

_MG_0405 - Copy

Even after all this time, I find myself thinking about how lucky I am to be hanging out, virtually anyway, with the rest of the Monochromia photographers.  I mean, seriously, I still need to learn how to adjust shutter speed.

I’m just going to sit here in the soft morning light, enjoy my cup of coffee, and ponder my good fortune.

12 thoughts on “Pondering My Good Fortune

  1. I had the similar thought the other day Laurie only mine was “I was lucky to find a group of people that can collaborate on a project then all become friends” 🙂 Of course you worded your thoughts more eloquently. I love your image and I refuse to believe you still need to learn how to adjust shutter speed, LOL. Beautiful work.


    1. It really has been an incredible gift, hasn’t it? And you put so much effort into it that I’m relieved that the positives outweigh the work.


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