Alamo Auto

Black And White Photography, Emilio, Photography

Alamo-1042 copy

I found this car in Alamo NV just before I lost my own car. OK, Joe. I want the year, make and model. And anything else you can come up with. Anyone is free to join in. Give me your best guess. There are no wrong answers as I have no idea what it was and will accept any response! (Is that a sneaky way to get comments? You bet.)

14 thoughts on “Alamo Auto

  1. Thanks, Robyn.It was very close to golden hour when I took this but the car and the surroundings had very little color. So, B & W!


    1. I wonder ll the time. I know the desert heat is pretty damaging to rubber and batteries and I think when the cars die, the owner just lets them rot in the sun.

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  2. Superb image Emilio and ONEOWNER is correct its a 1959 Plymouth Fury. If it was a Sport Fury it would have been equipped with a 318 C.I. engine or even possibly the “big block” 362 wedge engine. A 1958 Plymouth Fury was used in the movie “Christine”. Great work.


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