To the Trains

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Blur of passengers in Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station, New York City

Hello, New York City, I’m back! Even more exciting? By the time this posts, I’ll have met up up with fellow Monochromia photographers Joe and Patti from New York and Robyn from Pennsylvania, plus Nicci from California, Robert from Connecticut, Robin from Virginia, and Leanne from Australia!

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10 thoughts on “To the Trains

  1. This building screams ‘Iconic’ without even trying. Majestic is a world that comes to my mind. I like how you caught some of the people in motion too. Sounds like you had a full schedule of hook-ups Stacy! How fun to meet so many more bloggers. All the way from Australia and California? Mmmmmmmm did I miss the memo? LOL. Cheers xo B


    1. Hahaha! Thanks, Boomdee 😀 It’s such a fantastic place for photography – architecture, street, motion – I could spend hours and hours! And, yes, a full schedule – 3 of 4 days spent with varying groups of these wonderful people. It was wonderful!

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  2. Wonderful image of one of my favorite places in “The Big Apple” Stacy 🙂 Sure wish I would have been able to stay a little longer on Wednesday but with your Manhattan addiction I’m sure you will be back for another “fix” really soon 🙂 Great work.

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    1. Ah, Joe, Patti and I missed having you for the day, but it would have been an expensive indulgence to have stayed! Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful place – this is actually from my visit with you and Patti from before. And in the words of Arnold Schwarzenneger, “I’ll be back!” 😃 Thanks, Joe!

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