I ❤️ NY

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Times Square food vendorTimes Square, 11:00 PM

Oh, how I waited to get this shot. Waited for the vendor to be visible despite the enveloping steam from his food truck. Waited for the scrolling messages on his electronic sign to display my favorite one. Many times I had one, but not the other. The magic was in capturing the two together.

Fuji X-100T, 23 mm fixed lens, 1/60 sec. @ f16, ISO 6400 (handheld)

12 thoughts on “I ❤️ NY

    1. Thanks so much, Levy! You’re right – the shot wasn’t spontaneous in that I waited, but I was anticipating the moment I wanted, camera to eye, and when I saw it, I hit the shutter button, and voilá 😃


  1. This photo is wonderful Stacy and what patience you had waiting. Not only did you prove that waiting for the perfect moment really pays off you also demonstrated the superb high ISO performance of these wonderful little machines we call Fuji X100T. Great work.


    1. Thanks, Joe! The original image was pretty noisy, but between Fuji’s capabilities and noise removal software, I was really happy with the outcome. Better noisy and soft than no image at all 🙂


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