So Close

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When I took this photo while on my bike trip to Delaware in 2013, I didn’t pay attention to the date.  When I shared this image on Life in Black & White, another photographer noted that James was so close to surviving the war.  He’d almost made it.

That made this image even more poignant for me.

4 thoughts on “So Close

  1. What a heart-sinking thought. Photographs capture so much in a single click, this one is well worth more than the usual 1,000 words. Beautiful title and touching discovery.


  2. This is a very powerful image Laurie and the fact that he died so close to the end of the war makes it even more sad. As you know I tend to take similar images around Memorial and Veterans Day, and I also look at the dates when these brave men and women died but I never really looked at how close it was to the end of wars these dates were. I will look at my images in a different way from this point on. Spectacular work.

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