Pirate On My Pack

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20150506-untitled shoot

It my seem like a childish thing to have on my backpack. However he has hung there for many years now . The pack he hangs around on is the pack I use on my bike commute most mornings in the summer and a few in the winter. My other passion besides family, and photography is cycling. I purchased this little chap at Legoland many years ago as a reminder of my favourite cyclist Marco Pantani. Who sadly is no longer with us.

I took this shot in window light using my Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.

11 thoughts on “Pirate On My Pack

  1. I wrote a little piece on the blog a few years ago which delineated boundaries of pathology. I believe I set the “cat lady”diagnostic criterion at “over four”cats. Over three pieces of Star Wars memorabilia was cause for concern for diagnosis of nerd. So, one lego man is within “normal limits”. However if and when he begins to talk all the time while you’re riding your bike, well, what I do is to tell him to……..

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    1. Thanks Bumba for taking the time to comment :0)
      According to your scale I’m a nerd on many different levels . Books is one Cameras (My wife wonders how many I have ,which is more than I let on ;0)). Bicycles I have 3 maybe soon to be four if I go for a Fat bike this winter. and Oh yes! several StarWars things . However no cats I’m a dog person ;0)
      Thanks again.

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    1. The iPhone or lets face it most mobile cameras today can take great shots . I personally a have a thing for mobile photo apps. However I still come back to Hipstamatic and Plastic bullet.


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