28 thoughts on “Brain Storming

  1. Patti, I’ve been really lax with liking and commenting on Monochromia posts. That’s why you probably received at least a dozen or so likes from me today in one bunch. Your work is really great! Especially this shot. An empty airport? How often does that happen? I was telling my wife we should go to the airport to take photos of bored travelers but it didn’t sound too exciting to her. But I still might do it as it is already too hot to shoot outdoors! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. The lines add such drama. Taking photos is a good way to pass the time while waiting to fly. I didn’t realize you are still allowed to take photos in US airports. But I guess they really can’t stop everyone.


    1. The TSA at JFK customs froth at the mouth at the sight of a cellphone but other than that I’ve never had a problem, not that I take many airport shots anyway but this was a long time hanging around. The strange part was not having too many people getting in the way!


  3. I agree with Han, the lines are great in this image Patti 🙂 It looks kind of eery that you captured this shot with just one person but it also enhances the lines. Great work.


    1. I thought at one stage I had been reported for suspicious activity, taking photos here and there just to stay awake. Nothing like the eternity of waiting at an airport and feeling brain dead. Thank you Joe for your kind words!

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