Bulls Eye

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Bulls EyeI took this shot while visiting a friends farm where they raise Charolais cattle.This is a close -up cropped shot. Taken with my Leica M9P and the Summicron 90mm f2.0 ASPH lens I have which is a little underused . However is my go to portrait lens. I decided to crop quite heavily  with the eye as an anchor point to give the shot more impact. I think I have achieved what I wanted to do. I would be nice to read what you think dear reader.


18 thoughts on “Bulls Eye

    1. They are an interesting breed . There are not many here in Norway so it was quite a novelty to get some shots of them.


  1. I think this photo is super nice, simple, dark contrast, very sharp, nice bokeh …. But if I had been in your shoes or boots, I would have step one step to the left, same height as you were, camera at 45 o angle to the right and let the bull filled completely the frame, no dark background with only his very dark eye as the darkest spot of the photo,

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    1. Hi Nelson thanks for the input. I was shooting through an metal enclosure so I didn’t have much room to compose the shot. However I may return again soon and I’ll bare your comment in mind.


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