23 thoughts on “Winter Sky at Sunset

  1. Awe, you did it again! I just love your images. And, those sunrays perfectly beautiful taking their last breath for the day. This is gorgeous. My husband always thinks I am nuts for turning a sunset/sunrise image into monochrome. I love them! I think they are unexpected and yet the light and contrast is so elegant. I love this choice.


    1. Carrie, your comment has brought a big smile to my face and I thank you for your words!
      This is the first time I have converted a sunset to monochrome and as soon as it popped up on the screen, I was hooked! Glad to know you do this as well (despite hubby’s thoughts 🙂 )


    1. I really didn’t do much post-processing to this image. In fact, the foreground was so dark that I cropped a bit out as it seemed too much. You are right though … I was definitely in the right time / right place!

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  2. Wonderful image Laurie 🙂 This is something I should photograph in black and white more often. I love the sunstar and the general feel of the image. It feels exactly as the title describes. Great work 🙂


    1. Thanks Joe! You may have seen the photo I keep putting off each week (currently scheduled for next week). I was at a last minute loss of what to do and decided to convert one of the sunset shots I took on Thanksgiving Eve to B&W. I was really happy with how it turned out. Who thinks to make a beautifully colorful sunset into monochrome? Not me! But it worked!

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    1. Thanks, Sue, for the comment! I’m just back from your blog. I love the “arty scientist” description. How wonderful that you are finding the poet and the artist within yourself!

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