26 thoughts on “Keep the Sabbath

  1. Seems the sky is a favorite part of your photo, Emilio, and my opinion is no different. Choosing to process this in black and white was a perfect choice. Unless those were storm clouds, white fluffy clouds and blue sky just wouldn’t go quite as well with a cement plant 😉


    1. I have my wife trained. Whenever she sees skies like this, she now tells me to grab the camera and get in the car. We never know where we’re going to end up! Thanks, Elina!

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  2. Strange couplings here. Las Vegas and cement…Mafia?…maybe not so strange after all. Mind you if I were invited I wouldn’t turn up :0)I’ve seen far too many gangster films.
    Great shot BTW.


    1. I was thinking the same thing, the same connection between the Mafia and cement. A disservice to my heritage, I’m sure. But all those films took place in the past and, supposedly, organized crime is no longer a presence in Las Vegas. We do have unorganized crime, though, just like any other city in the US. You can’t win!


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