Lambs Ear

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LambsEarTwo (1 of 1)

 Sony RX100 Mk 1 (compact camera) in macro mode – 1/100 @ f/4.5

To me photography is not always about beautiful scenic landscape images.  It’s about simple every day things. What attracted me to the leaf of this Lambs Ear plant was the shape of it.  It looks like it was sticking it’s tongue out at me 🙂

More of my images can be seen at – The Visual Chronicle

42 thoughts on “Lambs Ear

    1. Thank you David 🙂 I know it’s a pocket camera but they could have made it a little bigger so it’s easier to hold. I love the image quality.


  1. In Germany we have a saying ” Pelzige Zunge”, it looks exactly like this. A Pelzige Zunge is a/your tongue, after some nights of boozing, smoking and other not to be mentioned things. It feels like, you swear or vow never to do this again, in your whole life, till next time you renew your swore …
    Pelzige Zunge – Furry tongue

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