So … your team is losing the game. What do you do?

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You sit in the stands, taking photos of the rain.

(because of course … you never, er … rarely, leave the game early)

Come on over to Life on the Bike and check out the rest of the photos from an otherwise great trip to Pittsburgh!!

33 thoughts on “So … your team is losing the game. What do you do?

    1. So glad to hear you say that, Mike. I carried the camera into this game in a ziplock bag (for weather purposes but also for NFL rules). I’ve wondered how much I’m aging my camera by exposing it to moisture, even if not getting it wet directly


  1. Laurie, I am so upset. You go to a game, take a photo of rain, and think of Joe? JOE? What about me? No one thinks of me when they’re out taking photos! What gives? Do I have to always be supportive? Is that it? Haven’t I always “liked” your images? Do I have to comment too? What’s a fellow have to do to get some respect? Heck, forget the respect. Don’t respect me, I don’t care. JUST THINK OF ME ONCE IN A WHILE WHEN YOU’RE OUT SHOOTING! Ok, I feel much better now!


      1. Now that I’m over your slight, don’t even think of it anymore (my therapist says to just let it go. And I will. Soon!) I feel much better. I am able to get out of bed again and I even showered yesterday. Which reminds me of how mucg I liked your photo. I never told you that. And how many times I have seen rain illuminated by a streetlight but never thought to take a plcture, mainly because I don’t carry my camera in the rain and risk damage to it but I’m getting off the track here. I really do like your photo, Laurie. Now I have to go rest!

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    1. Isn’t that the truth! Yesterday I purposefully went out to photograph some of nature’s beauty and came home with photos that reveal the beauty of friends and family. Thank you!


      1. I think this is what I love about photography. It’s so now! Whatever is going on and you are mindful enough to capture. There’s a great photo series circulating on FB of a photographer in Africa who has a cheetah stalk her. Instead of panicking she gets out her camera and stays in her car with another camera man. At first the cheetah is pissed off, but after awhile just sits down and hangs out with them. Great photos. It might still be in my feed, I’ll see if I can attach it to your blog, you’ll love them.


    1. Thank you, Robert! I just spent some time over at your blog. The series from the Ball & Socket building is really great. Any thought on how long it will take for the restoration / repurposing to occur?


      1. Thanks for stopping by…the owners have a target date of 2017, but that seems optimistic with all they have to do. Perhaps they will accomplish the restoration in stages – which would seem a better approach to get donors.

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  2. Laurie this is such a spectacular shot 🙂 My wife is always saying to me “I would never have thought of taking a photo of that” and I always say to her “It’s just what I see”. You really have honed your photographic vision in the past couple of years. Great job, I really can’t tell you how much I love this shot 🙂


    1. and I can’t tell you how much I loved your comment. I actually thought of you when I saw it and it was your potential encouragement that made me post it!


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