17 thoughts on “Thursday Morning

  1. It’s nice to capture the everyday scenes.Especially in these days where everything is moving so fast. I makes us stop up and think a little.


  2. Great shot Elina 🙂 I love the old architecture of the building on the right mixed with the newer buildings. It’s always cool freezing a moment in time like you have done here. You wonder in your mind if some of these people are dreading going to work or are going to have a good or bad day. This style of photography is one of my favorite types of street work and I love going into Manhattan and shooting scenes like this although you cannot see as much of the pavement in my shots with the amount of people and vehicles in Manhattan, LOL. Great work with this image Elina 🙂


    1. I also love such street scenes… and I like to wonder about the people like you do. It’s a very ordinary scene, yet full of charm and beauty of everyday life. Indeed, Manhattan street life is much more busy, I’d love to get a chance to photograph there one day. 🙂 Thank you for a wonderful comment and kind words Joe! 🙂


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