The Real Paris

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Paris with fountain
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Yes, folks, It’s the real Eiffel Tower. At the very real Paris Hotel and Casino in beautiful Las Vegas NV. Lower left, you can see the real fountains of The Bellagio Hotel.

Please come visit me at Photos By EmilioΒ for some real color!

30 thoughts on “The Real Paris

  1. Las Vegas in black and white – could be a nice series! I do like the clouds, adding some extra drama to the scene. I’m thinking Vegas could be a great street photography location!


    1. I’m on it. Actually went down there about two weeks ago to try my hand at street photography but didn’t really like what I came up with. Maybe I’ll post a few for your critical input!


  2. Love the softness of the water in the Bellagio Fountains (that’s such a great site to see at night!). Of course, I love the other parts of the photo too πŸ˜‰ I think it’s perfect for black and white – let’s us focus on the great, sharp detail and wonderful tones of the buildings and that awesome sky!


    1. That’s what got me down to the strip. Those clouds! I rarely go there. But I’m thinking I should, to practice street shots and night shots!


        1. I have been. I’m planning a shoot but it’s been way too hot, even at night. It has cooled down to a high of 91 today but I just looked at the forecast and we’re going back up to the hundred’s. 9 pm tonight they say it will be 86. Still…. Might have to wait for Christmas!


    1. They don’t make a penny off me, either. But I’m afraid they don’t even notice! Do you realize that even on Christmas and Thanksgiving they are booked? Don’t people know these are FAMILY holidays? They should be with their families, not gambling!

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    1. Thanks, Shane. Usually photos of the strip are done at night with all the glittering lights. But I couldn’t pass up these clouds. So I decided to do a b & w. I sort of like it! πŸ™‚


    1. I have to post this link for you. Take the time to click on it! roller&utm_content=High%20Roller%20Exact&utm_campaign=LAV_LAVVis.TheLinq_Local|INC|Brand|ENT|LAV

      That is actually the new High Roller, the tallest observation wheel (until the next one is built)! It cost $30 and I think takes about 30 minutes for one revolution! It looks almost straight down the Strip!


        1. What’s high? The price? Or the height? I wanted to go up with my camera but it’s not going to happen for awhile. I hear the crowds have been crazy at night.


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