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Hoda Kotb

I took this photo today, a beautiful warm September Sunday here in NYC up on 5th Ave at the funeral of the wonderful Joan Rivers.  Hoda Kotb, television news anchor and TV host is talking to NBC News, the tiny hint of fuzzy microphone in bottom right-hand corner, letting us know how beautiful the ceremony was, full of tears, laughter, just what Joan would have wanted.  And I suspect she might have enjoyed the cute little man in the background of the shot with that smile of his.  I know I do!

21 thoughts on “Hoda Kotb Talk

      1. Online talk can do that to a person Stacy! As for getting the photo, it really wasn’t that great a problem once you find the sweet spot. I put up a load of other shots from the day over on my own site if you are interested in the crowd shots! Thank you for driving your train through here Stacy!


    1. Thank you Mike! Hoda is quite a dominating figure at the best of times what with everyone else around falling by the wayside but he stuck it out. At least that’s how it felt at the time, no offense to Hoda. I don’t know her!

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  1. That was a beautiful Sunday all over the American Northeastern Patti and you beautifully represented it here! Beautiful light. I also appreciate the guy on the background. He seems to be far but still involved in the discussion. Have a great day Patti! 🙂


  2. Great shot Patti and I know I will miss Joan’s honest type of comedy. She was one of the greats. The man in the background looks like he forgot his Leprechaun outfit 🙂 Great work.


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