I’m very busy at this 2014 start of the new school year. I would like to be more present, give more feedback on your images and more answers to your comments, but we will have to resume it later!

30 thoughts on “Hangar

  1. Like this post as much for the great photo as well as your introduction, Meho 🙂 Love the deep shadows and the clear line between them and the sunlit portion of the photo. And absolutely understand your shortness of time to comment. I think we’ve all been, or are, there at one time or another. Just promise to keep your photos coming!

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  2. Love the photo, love the map of locations.
    hope this semester goes well and don’t feel like you have to reply.
    I’ve been swamped myself lately and completely understand!


  3. Il y a des moments ou l’on est très occupé, c’est normal, on ne peut pas être partout! Pour en revenir à ce cliché, j’aime le contraste de l’ombre et de la lumière. Des paramètres bien gérés à la vue des détails dans la zone de gauche 🙂


    1. Juste! Pour ce qui est des détails, avec un T3 je peux pas en faire tant que ça. Heureusement que GIMP peut m’aider à les faire ressortir… 😀

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    1. Thank you very much Eduardo! See on this map, you can see the exact location from where everyone of my pictures on Monochromia have been taken.


        1. You know what… I just sent an email to RobynG just to answer about your question up there… 😳 As these info are private, I thought it could be good the answer by an email but… 😉

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