The Three Musketeers



To the left, the Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec (Our Lady of Quebec City), is the primate church of Canada and seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Quebec, the oldest in the Americas north of Mexico.

In the middle, The Price Building, is an 18-floor skyscraper. Built in 1930-1931 amid controversy for Price Brothers ltd., it is the tallest building in the Old Quebec historical district, and one of the oldest skyscrapers in Canada.

To the right, The Musée de l’Amérique francophone (formerly the Musée de l’Amérique française). Its mission is for the development and promotion of French culture in North America. The museum collection is managed by the Musée de la civilisation since 1995.

Text source : Wikipedia
Picture : Meho Jarvis© F9 - 1/200 - 32mm - ISO200
Date : August 10th 2014


19 thoughts on “The Three Musketeers

  1. Meho, love the composition and point of view of this shot! Wonderful leading line of the street, along with the two outer buildings, just pulls me straight into the photo. And thanks for the history lesson. Truly, your city is on my bucket list – now I just need to google what a poutine is 😉


    1. Basicly, a Poutine is made with french fries, topped with a light brown gravy-like sauce and cheese curds. If you replace gravy by meat sauce you got a Dulton. You also can add on top of it bolognes. There is some restaurant that offers tons of flavours, like mushrooms sauce, three peppers, etc…

      If you come in Quebec city, try Ashton for the best fast food Poutine. Try Le bonnet d’Âne for gourmet Poutine.

      Thanks! 🙂


  2. I’ve never been to Quebec, but when I was in British Columbia I bought a painting of snow falling in Old Quebec City. I was enchanted by that painting and your photograph has me feeling the same. You’ve made me want to visit there soon!


  3. Très belle composition, le N&B fait ressortir les moindres détails, la lumière et les ombres sont très bien travaillés, excellent!


  4. I have been to Quebec City and it has always been one of my favorites. Love the architecture and your image shows it off nicely!


    1. Le moins possible je vais publier les mêmes photos ici et dans mon blogue mais, des fois je n’ai pas le choix…

      Merci Sophie!


      1. 😉 Pas de souci, parfois on a un regard sur une photo et un autre car c’est un autre moment de la journée, on est moins fatigué. Y’a des matins ou je n’aime aucunes photos…. et puis …

        Liked by 1 person

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