Buckle Up

Black And White Photography, Photography

Older woman getting ready to put on her bike helmet as her male bicyling partner waits and watches.
Standing in a park, dozens of bicyclists swirling past me,
I caught sight of the woman’s hands first. Hands with a history.

As I turned my full attention to her, I saw her lovely face,
lined with the same history as her hands.
I saw her companion quietly and patiently waiting
as she readied herself for their ride.
I saw a simple scene that filled my mind with so many thoughts.

I knew I had to capture it.

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22 thoughts on “Buckle Up

  1. Lovely image that produces, as you said, so many thoughts in viewers mind. The woman herself is an amazing subject that easily would make the whole photo. Including the man gives another wonderful interpretation (s); a totally different story. In addition, the gorgeous B&W treatment adds the perfect final touch to alow your imagination blow away! Congratulations Stacy; every time, much better!!


  2. This gives such a clear impression of the relationship between the two; the woman slender and engaged in what she is doing, the man solid and still as he watches. Very nice shot!


    1. What a lovely comment – I think you beautifully put into words an additional aspect of the scene that subliminally struck a chord with me. I just didn’t realize it until you said so. Thanks so much.


  3. Just an overall “nice” shot. What I mean by that is that you haven’t over-processed such a quiet moment with too harsh a highlight or too dark a low light. The processing fits the mood- which I like. Also, I think I’m in love with this woman. There’s just something about her. Yes, the history in her face and hands. But she just looks like someone very “nice”. Pleasant! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Joe. As my camera was on a tripod in anticipation of shooting something else entirely, I wasn’t sure I was going to get a good image. I was surprised that I went unnoticed as I was not at all far from the couple, and whipping my zoom lens around to fire off a few shots was hardly discreet 😉 In any event, this was a fleeting moment’s capture that made the afternoon session worthwhile 🙂


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