Making Music

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Several evenings a week in my small city, it’s possible to find folks picking up their instruments and creating beautiful music.   This past Friday, I had the chance to capture the sight, if not the sound, of that music.  The hands fascinate me, the way they move, almost effortlessly, over the instrument.

If you’d like to see some more images from that evening, please check out Local Music at my original blog Life on the Bike.

And please visit the blogs of the other photographers on Monochromia.  They make some pretty great music with their cameras!


11 thoughts on “Making Music

    1. Oh how neat! Do you ever play anymore?
      The young woman in this photo was classically trained as a violinist, and now uses the instrument as a fiddle in blue grass music.


      1. Aren’t parents great? They say these off-the-cuff things that stay with us the rest of our lives. No wonder most of us spend years in therapy. Not me, of course. I’m perfectly well adjusted, thankyouverymuch!


  1. Great shot Laurie 🙂 I’m aways amazed at how effortlessly musicians hands move when they are playing, and thats coming from a frustrated guitar player, LOL. Have a great weekend.


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