A Certain Glow – In memory of Patricia Fogarty

Black And White Photography, iPhoneography, Patti, Photography


Pointing the phone straight at the setting sun.  West Village.  NYC.

7 thoughts on “A Certain Glow – In memory of Patricia Fogarty

    1. Thank you Patrick. I’m glad you followed along on this journey of Patti’s past images. I think we will do this every year for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Not only have the posts received a positive response but I have really enjoyed seeing them again. For me it takes the edge off the sadness of not having Patti around to do photo walks with or having a cold one at one of Patti’s favorite watering holes.

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        1. Yes Patrick and I also got the email you sent today. I already uploaded it to the site. Thank you and I’ll send you a link when the site is finished and your post goes live.


      1. On this occasion I was with her when she took this image. I remember it like it was yesterday and I have a shot that is very similar to this one. We were walking around the West Village one Saturday afternoon and all of a sudden we turned a corner and the sun was blinding. I guess the girl in the shot thought so also so she stopped to take a shot. I think the girl in the shot is this icing on the cake. The image wouldn’t have had the same effect without her. Terry and I think of Patti so many times during the year and we also love remembering her great personality and photographic talent. I think sharing her images every holiday season is going to be a tradition on Monochromia. Thank you Laurie.


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