Almost Sixty Dollars

Black And White Photography, Emilio, Photography

Anybody out there remember when the gas pumps had only one space on the left of the decimal point for the cost of gas? Meaning, no matter what you drove, you could fill up for under ten dollars? In high school, when a bunch of us would cruise the boulevard on a Friday night, we’d all pitch in fifty cents for gas. (Yeah, I’m that old.) A far cry from last week when a full tank of gas cost me almost sixty dollars. Maybe I’ll buy myself a Harley. I see lots of baby boomers these days on bikes. Only trouble is, I’m going to have to be able to raise my leg up and over the seat.

6 thoughts on “Almost Sixty Dollars

  1. Awesome image Paul (Emilio) 👍🏻 I remember when Good Gulf brand gasoline was 33.9 cents a gallon. Then again ten dollars didn’t go that far in my 1963 Impala SS. I don’t believe I was making any more than forty dollars per week after taxes back then. It’s amazing how things have changed. Speaking of amazing how about this image of yours ? Beautiful work.


    1. Who is this Emilio guy you keep mentioning? Actually, I kinda miss him. He was a much more fun guy than I ever was. Or am. This photo was taken around 2016. I keep playing around with older images as my processing progresses. Oh, and nice segue to the “amazing” comment. Hello, to Terry!

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  2. You should live in UK! you would be shocked at the price of fuel. But then again I have been living in Oman for 30 odd years and the price of fuel was far less than even the USA. Tax!!!! but I am told it saves the planet.


    1. I think it’s a national past time to complain about the weather and the price of gas. Saving the planet is only of interest to people like you and me. The rich and powerful are too enamored of making more money than they can ever spend.

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