I Remember

Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

How we work today © Steven Willard

I remember when a scene like this was unusual. The lone individual sitting at a restaurant table might read the newspaper (remember those?) or sometimes a book (remember those?) but rarely did you see someone working. Now we think nothing of it.

The fellow in this photograph didn’t know I was taking his picture, but we did strike up a conversation and have since become friends. He likes the picture because it doesn’t reveal too much of him. I disagree, I think it tells quite a lot.

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5 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. Beautiful photograph, I have no clue but I love the white and black pictures. It´s unusual for me since living here in Spain you walk into a cafetería and the last thing you are going to encouter yourself is with a person of age with a computer in front of him. Maybe is usual in the US

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      1. I have not made up my mind if that was an insult to what I thought was a nice comment. I Will recomend to you if it was an insult to really hide behind that computer. I´m crazy as hell and I´ll make your face look like an icecream ( that was nice). Fuck you Little old bitch, still liked the photo though. That is my developed real country. You fight, physically with people that disrespect you. And it seems I don´t have it only in my beautiful town, it´s worlwide. Go figure….. develop you yourself. Quite a rude person you are. I still like your photo. I can fuck you up physically and mentally I actually smarter.
        Have a great daaaaaaaaaaaay, I say heeeeeey!


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