Fontaine de Tourny, Old Quebec


This fascinating piece of work was created by French Sculptor Mathurin Moreau and won a Gold medal at the Paris World’s Fair in 1855. Fast forward a 160 plus years and I was delighted to photograph this beautiful fountain during a road trip to Old Quebc City.

8 thoughts on “Fontaine de Tourny, Old Quebec

    1. Mario, I stand corrected and I appreciate your input. Having driven the 500 plus miles to get there I guess I failed to recognize the difference the 500 meters made in relation to location but I too prefer to be a 100% correct in technicality. Thank you and have a fabulous day too 🙂

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    1. Thank you Joe, I had wanted to visit Montreal but on the advice of many I visited Quebec City and Montreal and never regretted that decision. Old Quebec and the area immediately surrounding it (Thank you Mario) is beautiful and fascinating and you plus your camera will stay busy I guarantee it.

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