Chemin St-Louis

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Le Chemin St-Louis is a street you must walk when you come in Quebec city. There is a lot of architectural beauties and it leads and ends with the Chateau Frontenac and its Terrasse Dufferin, which gives an amazing sight over the old Petit Champlain (Place Royale) area, which is 408 years old.

I realized lately that Google Maps now offer a 3D view of Quebec city. It is for me an amazing way to rediscover my city from a bird view like never before.

3D Google maps (hold shift and drag the mouse to rotate and change the view)

15 thoughts on “Chemin St-Louis

  1. I hope to get to Quebec City someday! I have an original painting of the snow falling on a city street scene, and ever since I saw it, and immediately bought it, I’ve wanted to visit.
    your images are beautiful!


  2. Years ago I visited Montreal and Quebec City with my family and have always wanted to return. What beautiful cities and so different-architecturally- from each other, as I remember. Your photos are beautiful!


        1. I think a couple of friends and Terry and I might go up to Montreal this summer. How far is it to Quebec City by train from Montreal I would love to shoot the breeze with you and buy you a beer 😀


          1. Quebec city is 250 Km in one single straight line. So about 2,5 hours 😀 You should all come here take a break because I am sure you will love Quebec city a bit more than Montreal… 😉 Just a little bit. Even if Mtl is a beautiful one. Bigger. Quebec is small but warmer and exotic. But keep me informed about this.

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