18 thoughts on “Travel Daze

  1. I love this way to shoot…it is difficult to explain fpr me in english…but i think it is the way to see the life…you dont always look poeple in eyes…hope you understand what I mean. 😊


    1. Of course you can ask Laurie – no communication on either part whatsoever. I think he was in a world of his own . . . . To tell you the truth I was just as taken with his suitcase as everything else!


  2. Joe beat me to my comment about the smell of food on the train. Almost as rude as people who are so important they have to talk on their phone on a train. But what a priceless expression

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    1. I just remembered I have a shot somewhere of a woman on a train gagging at the smell of some nearby food – it was a late night out in London when party people couldn’t make it home on the train without their take-away curry!


      1. Curry is the worst. I remember staying in a cheap motel once run my Indians. My room was connected to the office and that smell kept me up most of the night. Couldn’t eat curried anything for years after!


  3. This is an awesome shot and shows what is so great about street photography Patti 🙂 I love how you caught his priceless expression. What I don’t like is when people eat on trains and you are forced to smell whatever food they have chosen to eat, LOL. Wonderful work.

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