30 thoughts on “A Certain Glow

    1. Thank you Emilio! Hate to think how many footsteps we took before finding this – I think Joe has the count! but you are more than welcome to join us one day, or two, see if we can warm your heart to the fun of NYC. There will be drinks!

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  1. Spectacular image Patti and it was fun watching you swing into photographer mode and take it yesterday evening 🙂 I also just noticed what her bag said, LOL. I had a blast wandering around Manhattan yesterday with you. Great work.


    1. It was great fun out and about with you yesterday Joe, thank you so much for great company and guidance with the you know what! I didn’t notice the bag either until I uploaded it here, says it all. This was a great fun find at the end of a long day wasn’t it – I’m surprised there weren’t a few fast tripods going up. Maybe that’s to come! Thank’s again Joe!

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