I Don’t See Any Sharks

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Photography


Hello from Nags Head, North Carolina!  You may have heard that just a couple weeks ago, there were several shark attacks along the Outer Banks of NC.  We’ve not seen one fin yet, though.

This little fella kept my shutter finger busy.  What a cutie!

Contract negotiation, campaign work, and FINALLY getting a break have kept me from checking out your work this week.  Soon though!

21 thoughts on “I Don’t See Any Sharks

  1. It’s best to just stay out of the sharks home 🙂 Or at least “visit at your own risk”! I’m perfectly happy enjoying the ocean from the comfort of the beach! Nice photo Laurie! 🙂


    1. Thanks Mike! My favorite thing is to put my chair right on the edge of the waves … I can enjoy the beach without the sharks AND without the jellyfish 🙂
      I’m assuming you saw the video about the “sharks home”, too, eh?

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    1. Thanks Susan … it was so good to get away for a bit. While I didn’t see shark fins, I did get to see a lot of dolphin fins 🙂 I need a zoom lens!


    1. Thanks Jane! I’m home now – never saw sharks, or even beers which I’ve learned are becoming more prevalent in Nags Head.
      I did get to see a pod of dolphins one morning. I so need to get a zoom lens 🙂

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    1. The Outer Banks in in the offseason is wonderful, isn’t it?
      Although, I’ll visit any time 🙂 Even though there has been too much development for my taste, it’s still so much better than many other beach communities.


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