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Emilio, Photography

A test shot from my new Fujifilm X-T1 with 23mm lens

This is one of the largest floorplans designed, a 2200 square foot excecutive unit with panoramic views.

The views from this 30th floor end unit are extensive and spectacular.

2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms.

Furnishings include 2 flat screen televisions (great room is 65″), bedding, dishes, towels, rugs, artwork, and all furniture.

There are two balconies, one off of the great room and one off of the den, which is currently furnished as a formal dining room.

All windows are equiped with remote controlled motorized blinds.

Ammenities include: complimentary valet parking in parking garage, 24 hour consierge and security, complimentary limo service, pool, hot tub, state of the art fitness center with racquetball, steam, jacuzzi, and yoga studio.

2 indoor, secure parking spaces are included. Both spaces are located very near to the entrance to the building, so no need to use valet parking (unless you choose).

Minimum 6 month lease.

The above was lifted directly from Craigslist with all spelling intact. Seems to me, if you were the agent renting a high end apartment, you’d know how to spell “executive”, “amenities”, and “concierge”. Or at least know how to use spellchecker! Oh, and being a brand name, Jacuzzi should be capitalized.

13 thoughts on “For Rent

  1. Not only is it interesting that the spelling is wrong, but Craig’s List? It is typical to put such high end stuff on Craig’s List?
    Then again, what do I know about high end!
    Good luck with your new camera. Another member of the Fuji club!


    1. I’ve still got some Canon shots I want to post so I’ll be mixing it up for awhile. And, actually the next ABF will be an iPhone shot especially for you. You’ll understand when you see it!


  2. I love the perspective with this Emilio. I hate it when people can’t spell or type correctly. With computers there is no excuse. I do have some sympathy though as my son is dyslexic which means his spelling can be really interesting sometimes. But with spell checker he comes through and got an A average at college for his first semester in computer systems.


    1. Well, to tell you the truth, I didn’t notice any of the misspellings until I cut and pasted into WordPress, then all the red underlines showed up and I couldn’t believe that my brain simply read everything as correct.


    1. That’s wot I’m sayin! But as for me getting used to the camera- not quite yet. This was on the second day and shot more or less on automatic.

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  3. Ah, someone on my page! I can’t stand spelling errors – and as you rightly point out, this advert is aimed at the high end of the market…..


    1. Thanks, Sue, for reading all the way through. One of my pet peeves is misspelling. And I doubly hate it when I am guilty due to pressing send too quickly.

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