Car Parts for Art

Black And White Photography, Photography

Car Parts Art

SS 1/60 f 4.0 ISO 1000

I photographed this 300 pound bear at the Philadelphia Zoo.  Can you guess what he is made of?  If you guessed spark plugs you were correct!  The creativity in this world is astounding!

Please note, I only took a 50mm lens to the zoo and the space was tight, thus the reason you only see the head and shoulders of the bear.  It was actually a life-sized sculpture.

To see more of my work, please visit my personal blog: Robyn Graham Photography.

9 thoughts on “Car Parts for Art

  1. Hi Robyn, I’ve nominated you on my blog for a Versatile Blogger Award. (If you don’t feel like passing on the award, I won’t be offended at all). I enjoy what you do here, and am glad to have the opportunity to spread the word about your blog – hope that’s ok!

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