21 thoughts on “Pushing It

  1. Okay, Patti, I just saw and commented on this on Nylon Daze, thinking I had commented here. Apparently I didn’t (my bad). But my thoughts stand to be repeated – your amazing eye and quick reaction time with your camera just floors me! A perfect combination of foreground and background images merging into one fantastic composition!


  2. Way to catch a great moment, Patti. Pushing and waiting to be pushed. The shadow play caught my eye first then the surprise of the guy in full stride. Terrific comp and capture.


  3. Pushing it…. most certainly with the very strong contrast. A great example of using a simple street scene to make a bold statement. Nice one Patti.


  4. the lonley trolley… …independend, proud..!
    the pusher at the right… ..seems like he loves pushing with all his heart… …or he is praticing for the first Bronx Bobsled Team.
    Great image, Patti, like that!


    1. Thank you so much kind Markus, the trolley was certainly an invitation and funny what you say about the team as I had just come from the annual Battle of the Bronx (!) skateboarding competition, not that this is in any way related to the photo but . . . you never know!


      1. “BATTLE OF THE BRONX”, wow 😎 ..what a name?!!! ..sounds like 68er Mustangs chasing each other in the streets, tough blokes and hot chicks!!! 😀
        hope we can expect some more great photos 🙂 ….I mean skateborder and so


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