27 thoughts on “7 Hour Film

  1. What a great shot, filled with so many perfect details, Patti, not the least of which are the simple Yankees hat in the car, that you caught the gentleman mid-stride and in position to reveal the subway sign, and you got the great reflections in the car window. This is not a shot I would have seen. Brilliant!


    1. That was such a lucky click getting him just past the Subway, it never usually happens that way . . . Thank you so much Stacy. And I feel sure you would have seen it! 🙂


  2. Wonderful image Patti there is so much going on here 🙂 I love the 7 hour Kodak film sign and its great to see the owner of the car is a NY Yankee fan (Sorry Susan, Harlem and the Bronx is Yankee territory). The gentleman walking is so Zack Arias style and is the icing on the cake. Great work.

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    1. Well Joe, I was more than annoyed when that car pulled up and parked right in front of me like that while I was trying to get the shot but then I saw the lemonade/margharita and thought ok . . .

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