28 thoughts on “London Light

    1. Bingo Richard! Destination was indeed the Royal Albert Hall on our very recent, but sadly so short, trip to London – I looked out for you in other parts as we walked from here through central London back to lovely Stoke Newington later in the day. Are you still out phishing? Hope all well with you!


  1. There is something to these tunnels… structures that evoke the idea of a passage, a transition… while the end, the other side, is most often known, don’t we also feel we’re stepping into the unknown. Must be atavistic.

    The lady is running into it, she’s in a hurry. Wonder what’s at the other end…

    Being philosophical this morning. Maybe it’s because it’s raining, and colder today. Just saying. Have a nice day.


    1. Fernan, your wonderful comment hits so many buttons. The lady was in a hurry as indeed we all were but why I’m not sure, we had plenty of time to get where we were going and, as it turns out, the girl in white shared our destination – a graduation ceremony, a stepping stone from years of hard work into the unknown with strong aspirations for company.
      And yes, it was cold, and raining, then warm with repeat cycles throughout the day. I thank you Fernan for your company!


      1. Thank you Joe and Laurie – this is one of the tunnels from South Kensington tube station in London which leads to all sorts of exciting places. We were on our way to Imperial College / Royal Albert Hall, passing the exits for the Natural History Museum and the V& A. I was a little disappointed about taking the tunnel, preferring instead to walk the streets but the weather was wet and dismal so we took the tunnel and I took this shot.


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