Beautiful Eyes…

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Beautiful Eyes of a Tulip

Beautiful Eyes of a Tulip

SS 1/50  f 9  ISO 1000 Nikon D810

I used natural light to capture this decaying tulip.  I chose the settings to capture detail of the tulip petals and leaves.

As many of you know I do a lot of work with flowers and the history and language of flowers.  Tulips have various meanings, which I have included in the poem below, written to accompany the above image.  I hope you enjoy both the image and the poem.  You can find many more of my floral images and poetry on my personal blog: Robyn Graham Photography.

Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful eyes,

Of my faultless lover,

I look into your depths

And feel my soul,

A soul famed of imperfection,

Guarding a declaration

Of unparalleled desire.

Oh beautiful eyes,

Be mine.

Humble my longing

With a smile

And return my desire,

Share with me the fondness

Of a love unequaled.

poem and image are under copyright  by Robyn Graham

14 thoughts on “Beautiful Eyes…

  1. Beautiful words and image Robyn 🙂 Being the old rock and roller that I am I can’t help think of the Rolling Stones tune “Dead Flowers” when I see this image. Great work.

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    1. Laurent – My French is very rusty but I think you said: “It is necessary to grieve, the tulip is dead, should not pick it … !!!”
      Not to worry – I had a bouquet of tulips and after days of me not being in the studio they wilted…I find the beauty in the decaying flowers just as I do the living, vibrant flowers. I hope my image didn’t offend you…It was meant to be beautiful in it’s own right.

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