Industrial Age

Black And White Photography, Joseph, Photography


Fujifilm X30 – 1/1700 @ f/5.6 ISO 100

Three of the four stacks on the PSE&G power plant in the town of Northport/Ashroken, Long Island on a beautifully clear winter day.

13 thoughts on “Industrial Age

  1. Glad to see that you are using the Fujifilm X-30 for some of your shots. This scene is becoming more and more rare as industry migrates to other countries such as China, Taiwan, Malaysia or South Korea. I’m afraid the United States has moved into a post-industrial stage. Thousands of jobs were lost in the rust belt.



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    1. Thank you very much Omar 🙂 We have definitely moved into a post industrial age although a lot of businesses are trying to bring it back to the good old USA. You will be seeing a lot more images from the X30 in the coming weeks I have been using it quite often.


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