Finding Focus

Black And White Photography, Patti, Photography


The serendipitous acceptance of imperfection in a messy world, otherwise known as what happens when you forget to stop, stay still then shoot while chasing the crowd down the street.

31 thoughts on “Finding Focus

  1. Never mind, it is always preferable to move along, the faster the better. The bloke in the middle must be another Aussie wearing a R.M Williams hat or a savvy N Yorker who has heeded my recommendation for that fashion label.(lable)
    Lovely photo (great)
    I knew a girl named Monochromia, I called her Mono for short but not for long, she gave me the flick.


  2. Just brilliant! There’s an interesting tension created by the clothes – at first glance it looks like this is from the Forties because of the man’s hat the woman’s hood and then you look further…fantastically lively.


  3. Patti, one of the reasons I am loving being a part of this group of photographers is that I see so many views and perspectives, and so much talent and vision. I always marvel at your images and what they show about life as we know it


    1. Another great quote, thank you Joe and very much in agreement with Valerie. Nothing in the street is static, in street photography anyway, which I always think of as something like being in a roller derby with a camera. Thank for the link Joe, heading over!

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