35 thoughts on “The Corner

  1. Patti, this image reminds me of some of my favorite times. Snow in the city.
    Streets that are normally bustling with activity are a bit more quiet and somehow more magical.
    Love it!


  2. This is both, a great night shot and fine art study in black and white photography. Wonderful how you composed and captured the scene, Patti. For the expected blizzard, take care and stay warm.


    1. Thank you so much Robyn, it’s one of those colourful parts of town which I hope will be there forever. So many old, neon places are being pulled down for redevelopment . . . You keep war today!


  3. Reblogged this on NYLON DAZE and commented:

    Snow falling now in the city where it feels strangely peaceful and calm ahead of the blizzard expected later in the day. Or is this the blizzard now? About to head out soon and explore but meanwhile here is a shot in the dark of a Soho night taken last winter.


  4. “Wille and the po’ boys are playin’, bring a nickel tap your feet” I love Credence and this is a wonderful shot Patti 🙂 Beautiful work.


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