Glass on Glass

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Photography


After hours of preparation, I found a few quiet moments before the event began to wander around the room shooting the scene. I kept coming back to the bar.  The light from the window was bright on the glasses that would soon be filled with the delectable Divatini.

If you’d like to view another image from this event, this time in bright, beautiful color please visit Brighter.

7 thoughts on “Glass on Glass

    1. Thank you, Patti. I’m so glad it appealed to you. It didn’t seem to grab others so much, but I really liked it, too. I very much appreciate your thoughts!


  1. Beautiful image Laurie 🙂 Way back when Virginia was a prairie and I was taking photography lessons I had to practice “white line lighting” and “black line lighting” on glassware using artificial lighting of course. You have achieved black line lighting with ambient light, very well done 🙂


    1. Thanks Joe! While I didn’t know that I was doing that, I’m grateful for your praise. While this image didn’t seem to draw the likes or comments, I was really intrigued with it.

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