A Safe Sleep

Black And White Photography, Joseph, Photography



 Sony RX100 – 1/200 @ f/4.0 – ISO 800

This gentleman was trying to get thirty five dollars total for the day so he can have a safe place to sleep.  I gave my share.

40 thoughts on “A Safe Sleep

  1. Heart breaking that he looks so down and out. I’m glad you could help Joe, you’re a kind man. It’s hard to look at but important to realize so many need our help. Thank you for sharing it, life is cruel for some.

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  2. Thank you Joe for helping him out. A very touching and powerful image that has the potential to help bring about positive change.
    No matter how small the contribution, helping out a person who only wants a warm and safe place to sleep is a wonderful act of kindness.

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  3. Joe, this photo captures the essence of “safety” on so many levels – if you look closely, the gentleman is almost echoing the posture of the woman in the article he is reading that seems to be about another school shooting. So much despair. Thank you for reminding me of how blessed I am. And thank you for reaching out to this man. One never knows the impact such a small gesture of kindness can make for another.

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    1. Thank you very much Stacy 🙂 I could not in good conscience pass him by without giving him something. I guess I was a believer in paying it forward before it became fashionable 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving.

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  4. Joe, I’ve just crawled out of my warm bed, knowing that those most dear to me are safely sleeping nearby. This image is perfect for Thanksgiving as we all need to remember how fortunate we are and how there are many who are not. The body language you have captured is painful to see

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  5. I get chastised a lot for giving what ever I can, they tell me the money will probably go for drugs…etc. I can’t help that, It is what I must do and that is to help when I can, what happens after that is not in my control, but I am going to do what I feel right with. This post makes me sad for the homeless in this cold winter.

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    1. I totally agree with you Heartafire 🙂 The money I gave him might go for drugs but I have no control over that. What I do have control over is my conscience and it just wouldn’t sit right with me me if I passed him by without giving him something. Have a great evening and Thanksgiving if you celebrate it 🙂


  6. How sad needing to worry about having a safe place to sleep. Each day. I hope passing people were as generous as you, and he got to sleep in a safe place. A very powerful and thought-provoking photo Joe!

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Elina 🙂 He had some money when I gave him more so I think he slept good that night. Nobody should have to worry about where they are sleeping each night.


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