The Wounded

Black And White Photography, Joerg, Photography


This picture was taken during German Army training march,
where the soldiers are faced with different and randomized types of combat situations.
The situation here was this, grenade impact (terrible loud), finding a wounded person,
giving first aid, controlled by two military physicians, who had to score the work.
So it looks more cruel than it was, I took the picture in the moment
she (medical staff sergeant) was acting to collapse.

More of my images can be seen at – The Things As They Are In Pictures

16 thoughts on “The Wounded

    1. Thank you. I thought about wait & see the reactions and comments before telling the story around this photo, but somehow I felt like a liar.


  1. Really dramatic shot. I’m glad it was just a drill. Mind you being a medic requires a lot of dedication. Being shot at while just doing your job only goes to show what courage these people have.


  2. So the actual wounds, the blood, and the emotions were fake. The photo is still a terrible reminder of the condition of our world. Nice work to all involved, especially you, Joerg!

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