Where Shall I Grow

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Where Shall I grow

Where Shall I grow

What Shall I Become

What Shall I Become

I begin as one with many,

But the breeze carries me away.

I drift along with the wind,

It carries me East, then West,

Maybe North and South too.

I land,

I am now alone.

Where shall I grow?

What shall I become?

copyright Robyn Graham of Robyn Graham Photography

I know, I know, this is a photography blog, but I was inspired to write today and thus, the poem above.  I hope you enjoy both, the images and the poem.

12 thoughts on “Where Shall I Grow

  1. Love the words with these images! Makes them come to life and feel like you are drifting and floating, wandering and landing right with those seeds. The light in these images is breathtaking! Lovely.


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