So Much To Love

Black And White Photography, Emilio, Photography
Elgin RR car-2

Elgin NV

“Grief is a Freight Train,
Oh what’s a little pain
When you’ve got so much to Love.”

Freight Train – Lyrics by Sara Jackson Holman – | MetroLyrics

This deserted boxcar was discovered on  a side rail of tracks just outside the ghost town of Elgin NV.

Please visit Photos By Emilio for a little something in color, too!

25 thoughts on “So Much To Love

    1. OK, how can you be subtle but obvious? I know it is possible to THINK you are being subtle when being obvious (as when I’m being overly familiar with my wife thinking I’m subtle yet it’s obvious what’s on my mind). 😉 But anyway I’m glad you like it, Laurie!


  1. This is a great shot Emilio, I like it a lot! The tracks, the boxcar and the surroundings make a great and unique composition! I think this was actually one of the first photos I saw first time I visited your blog… long time ago. 🙂


    1. Elina, what a memory. But it wasn’t THAT long ago! I started in late November of last year. This was posted in December at But I really am glad that you’ve stuck around almost a year! When I first posted this shot I was experimenting with split tones. I now prefer straight black and white! But looking back, maybe that first post was a touch better. There was more contrast, I think and the blacks looked richer. Darn! Now I have more playing to do!


    1. Thanks, Patti! Though abandoned, this was not really a spooky feeling place. Ghost trees, maybe but no sense of a ghostly presence!


    1. Thanks, Shane. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Have you taken a look at other contributors to Monochromia?


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