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Some would say that overcast and rainy days are not fitting for vacations on the Chesapeake Bay.  On the contrary, these types of days encourage quiet walks and talks with friends (and loud, joyful laughing, too), cookouts on the beach, and if you’re me, even a bit of play in the water.

I’d also get up every morning and spend an hour or so with the camera.  Something kept me coming back to this dock and this perspective.

The dock, and the world, just seemed to go on forever.


39 thoughts on “Infinity

  1. Laurie, I know that I said I’d had enough traveling for a while, but my body and soul want to walk on that pier — to see what I can see and to feel and hear the differences I know would be there. Many thanks!


    1. Thank you, Lynda! I’m just home from the bike trip and look forward to catching up with everyone and their blogs. And yes, I’m so happy to have been included in this blog … I’m learning so much!!

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  2. Beautiful. I feel like I could walk to the edge of the world, the pier is so perfectly aligned with the horizon!


    1. Thank you Emilo. I took so many and in the ones where the alignment was even slightly off,the result wasn’t as good. I learned a lot with this image.


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